We are almost there!

You might have a few questions for us?

When will the service be available?

Very soon! We are putting the finishing touches on and will release it to the world the second its ready. Join the village now and you will be notified when it is released.

How much does it cost?

To be a member of the Lassy Village is and will forever be FREE. Our service will be free while we grow the Lassy Village into the largest search and rescue team in the world.

What about devices?

If your child does not have a smartphone, they will need a device. We have several options for kids without smartphones soon. Fill out the form below and let us know what devices you would like to see.

What can I do before the Launch?

JOIN THE VILLAGE and tell everyone in your network to do the same. The bigger the Village, the safer the kids.

Thank you

We are relentlessly focusing on preventing Child Abductions and with your help; its becoming a reality. Parents can press a button and mobilize an entire community in their time of need; thanks to you!

The Lassy Project team

Why the app matters for the Village

The reason is simple: Our app allows us to quickly determine who is close enough and alert them immediately when a child needs help. We have no idea where you are going to be at any given time, nor do we want to….except when a child goes missing.

This app allows you to be a valuable resource to parents, no matter where you are in the Country.


Lassy Ambassador Program

We are excited to announce our Lassy Ambassador Program and honored that you might be interested in being a part of it.

Short Version-

  • We are putting together teams of ambassadors based on Zip Codes
  • The sole mission is to get people in your community to join the village (takes 30 seconds to complete and it’s free, of course)
  • Each team is eligible to win rewards including free Lassy Service, cash, and a fully paid vacation for you and a guest!
  • If that’s all you needed then scroll to the bottom and fill out the form.

Okay now for the long version


 In order to fully understand how the Ambassador Program works, you need to understand what the Lassy Project is. If you have not already, please watch the videos below explaining why we are relentlessly focused on preventing child abductions and how it all works.

About the Program

Obviously lots of villagers is the goal but what about YOUR community?

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 9.56.05 PM

That’s where YOU come in! Who better to help rally a community than the people who actually live there. The more people in a community that have joined the village, the safer these kids will be.

The goal is simple: find everyone in your community with a heart and a cell phone, tell them to join the Village, then take a vacation on us!

Here’s how

Step 1

Create teams of Lassy Ambassadors based on zip code. The size of the team is dependent on the number of households in that zip code. The ratio is one ambassador for every 2,000-2,500 households. Curious about yours? Plug your zip code into this tool to see its size. If you have a tiny zip code then you will be paired up with a neighboring zip code until you make up over 10,000 households.

Step 2 

We give you all the tools needed to grow the village in your community. You can also count on fanatical support, cool shirts to wear, and some cards with your very own name on it….if your very own name is Lassy Ambassador!


Step 3

You have been thinking about that vacation ever since we mentioned it earlier haven’t you? We have rewards for each ambassador on the team based on how many people you get to Join the Village (note that we said PEOPLE not households)


Simple right?…………okay one example. Let’s say there are 10 households, and you visit three of them where each have 3 people who join the village. That would be 9 divided by 10 = 90%.

The Rewards

They start at just 1% get more awesome as they go up. 25% gets each person on your team $1,000. 50% locks in a weekend getaway on us. Reach 75% and your entire team ( plus guests) get an all expenses paid trip to our annual ambassador conference. This first one is at the JW Marriott in Desert Springs, CA.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 1.15.29 PM

Ready to make a difference? Fill this out and be amazed at how fast we get back to you! (the below form is private and only visible to The Lassy Project team)