Celebrating Jessica Ridgeway, the Inspiration for Lassy Project

Two years ago today, our Colorado community was rocked by the abduction and murder of a 10-year old girl who had dreams of being a cheerleader in junior high school and loved the color purple. Jessica Ridgeway was taken on her way to school and the community still grapples with the tragedy.


This nightmare for the community resulted in something positive, it sparked Lassy Project, which honors Jessica’s memory every day by building safer communities, protecting children and by combining social impact and technology.

Sarah Ridgeway, Jessica’s mother, has been a supporter of the Lassy Project since its founding and works every day as a part of the Lassy Project staff to encourage communities to utilize the free app.

“Through everything, we have had the constant support of our community. When Jessica was missing there were hundreds of people that came to our side to help with the search. There is a community of people out there that care enough to want to help in times of need, and that is why I know Lassy Project is absolutely critical to preventing future child abductions.”

Lassy Project CEO and Co-Founder John Guydon remembers wanting to do something upon hearing about Jessica’s disappearance. “I’m a father of three. I cannot imagine the helplessness that a parent feels when their child doesn’t come home and precious minutes are ticking by. I thought there has to be something that can help solve this problem – something that can give parents, friends and neighbors some control in such a helpless situation. And that’s when the Lassy Project began to come together.”

Lassy Project is a free service that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds. With the single push of a button, parents can mobilize a trusted group of family, friends and neighbors immediately to help with their search.

Jessica is a daily reminder of the work done by Lassy Project staff and it’s supporters. In fact, even the new Lassy Project logo was inspired by Jessica who was always dancing and singing. Sarah remembers how she would share her new cheerleading routines every time she returned home from her junior cheerleading class with the Stanley Lake High School cheerleaders.


The megaphone, used by cheerleading teams around the world, was chosen as the logo as it is also a symbol to our communities to raise their voices and become a part of the solution. By calling out to our family, friends and neighbors and rallying our loved ones to become a part of the Lassy Project, we have the power to find lost, missing and abducted children.

In honor of Jessica and the thousands of other missing children, we ask that you become a part of Lassy Project and support our efforts to protect our children and build safe communities.  Join Lassy Project today by signing up for free, expanding your village and spreading the word starting at www.LassyProject.com.

Lassy Project: Updates and New Features

The Lassy Project is LIVE in the App Store with some incredible new features

On September 22, 2014, Lassy Project launched the latest version of our free app in the Apple App Store (Android version coming soon!)  This updated version is a direct result of customer and community feedback over the last month.

Whether you’re new to Lassy Project or are an experienced user, read below to see what’s new, what’s changed and what you can do to help us continue expanding to communities across the nation.
Together we are building a community that keeps our children safe!

What’s New

Lassy Villages

A Lassy Village is a trusted group of friends, family members and neighbors, that you hand select.  It is the most important asset you have if your child goes missing.

  1. Expand your Village
    1. One village, your personal contacts, your trusted network.
      Now you have one village and you decide who to invite.  Do this by selecting as many contacts as you wish.  A larger village ensures more people will receive the alert should your child go missing.
  2. Manage your Village
    1. A village is only as strong as your contacts.  Manage who will receive alerts if your child ever goes missing.
  3. Manage Membership in Other Villages
    1. There is no limit to the number of Lassy Villages you can belong to.  You can also join and leave villages as your life changes and grows.


Child Profiles

  1. Add child profiles
    1. You can now create a profile for every child in your care.  This is the profile that will be shared with your village if ever needed.   Simply upload a photo and enter vital information about your child.
  2. Manage child profiles
    1. Change photos, update information and manage the number of child profiles you have in your account with a few simple taps.

child profile
 Escalate your Alert

  1. The newest function, you can now spread the word to your Lassy Village by creating an alert if you believe that your child is missing.
    1. Your most powerful asset is your Lassy Village and sending an alert can engage your trusted network to help find your child.  If you escalate an alert about a missing child, it will only be sent to the people that joined your Lassy Village.
  2. Alerts can also be sent to the larger Lassy Village.  Lassy Project can escalate your alert to additional people in the area should extra reinforcements be needed.

Escalate alert

What’s Next?  Village Growth

The more people that download Lassy Project the safer our communities will be.  Help us by encouraging everyone you know to sign up for Lassy Project.

When it comes to a missing child, every second counts.  The Lassy Project is a FREE app that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds.  Together, we are helping to bring missing children home through the power of our communities.

We LOVE feedback!
Every new update produces some changes and we want to know what you think!  See something that you love or question?  Tell us!

Drop us a line at team@lassyproject.com

Great Changes Coming Soon!

We have been getting tons of great feedback from all of our wonderful users. Keep it coming!

Because of you, we’re rolling out some changes over the next several weeks. Here are a few we are pretty excited about.

1 – New Look – Get ready for a whole new look on our site and mobile apps (sneak peak below). The logo is extra special to us because Jessica, the precious little girl that inspired Lassy Project, loved cheer; so we decided to honor her in this special way.

placeit (10)

2 – Build Your Village – By far one of the most popular requests; you will have the ability to create your own “Personal Village” full of hand-selected friends, family, and neighbors. Now if you can’t find your child, but are not ready to alert the entire community you can alert your “Personal Village.”  However if the situation requires more assistance, we can help you easily escalate to the “Super Village.” This “Super Village” is comprised of all the personal villages in the surrounding area.  It’s this grouping of personal villages that creates the most powerful search and rescue team for you instantly.

3 – Child Profile – You will soon have the ability to create profiles for your children and escalate alerts for them if necessary, all right from your smartphone. Even if your child does not have a smart phone or a GPS device, you will still be able to escalate to villagers should your child ever be missing.

This is just the beginning. We are rolling more releases regularly.

We LOVE feedback! Especially things that annoy you. 

Call our CEO John Guydon at 720-253-7585 or drop us a line at team@thelassyproject.com

The City of Longmont Department of Public Safety partner with the Lassy Project™ to keep kids safe

The Lassy Project™ and the City of Longmont Department of Public Safety are making Longmont safer for our kids and equipping residents with the tools they need to prevent child abductions.

Longmont, CO – The Lassy Project™, a free smartphone app that helps prevent child abductions, and the City of Longmont Department of Public Safety, which is comprised of Police, Fire, Communications Center & Office of Emergency Management, are partnering to give parents the peace of mind that their children can travel safely throughout the community.

The Lassy Project™ is relentlessly focused on preventing child abductions. Using a patented combination of GPS, SMS, and crowd-sourcing technology, this program keeps kids safe by immediately alerting parents via text message if their child deviates from their usual routes to places like school or a friend’s house, then, if the child is missing, providing them the ability to press a button and mobilize hundreds of neighbors and community members in seconds to help. This group of community members is called the ‘Lassy Village™’. Every Longmont Police Officer is now in the village and encouraging the rest of the community to join them.

On February 25, 2014, the Longmont City council voted unanimous to back and support the Lassy Project and help grow the ‘Lassy Village™’ in the Longmont community to keep kids safe.

During the week of May 5–9, 2014, The Lassy Project™ team have spoken with and trained the Longmont Police Officers on how to best utilize the app and ensure that the app is registered on each of their phones. In this collaborative project, the City of Longmont Department of Public Safety is helping to enroll as many members of the Longmont community as possible into the Village – including parents, community members, first responders, and local businesses. The goal is to grow the Lassy Village™ of Longmont as large as possible. To join the village, simply go http://www.thelassyproject.com and select the “join the village” button.

photo 9photo 7

“Getting a message out in seconds to hundreds of individuals right near the area could make the difference between finding the child and not finding the child,” said John Guydon, Co-Founder of The Lassy Project™. “We are honored to be supported by the City of Longmont & their Department of Public Safety and look forward to working with them to grow the Lassy Village in their community. The bigger the Village, the safer the kids. We are grateful that Longmont embrace this vision for their community.”

About The Lassy Project™
The Lassy Project™  is a free smartphone app that allows parents to create different routes that their kids commonly take such as walking to school. If the child strays from the designated path then an alert is immediately sent to the parents phone via text message. The parent can then choose to call the child and investigate. If the child is safe, the parent can dismiss the alert. But if there is a problem and the child goes missing, the parent can push a single button to activate the most powerful search and rescue team on the planet – The Lassy Village™. This is a group of local community members and other parents who will receive an alert to begin search efforts within seconds near the child’s last known location. To help make The Lassy Project™ successful, join the Lassy Village™ to ensure that you are alerted when a child goes missing in your area. For more information, visit http://www.thelassyproject.com

photo 1photo 5

About The Longmont Department of Public Safety
The Longmont Department of Public Safety is comprised of Longmont Police, Fire, Communications Center and Office of Emergency Management. Their commitment is to work in partnership with our citizens in creating and preserving exceptional public safety for those who live in, work in, or visit our community. This commitment is reflected in our mission statement: “To protect and to serve with integrity and professionalism in partnership with the people of Longmont.” For more information, go to http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/public_safety.htm

Want to get first responders in your area to be partners with the Lassy Project?

Drop a quick email to us at team@thelassyproject.com and we will get you the materials you need to make it happen.



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Community Challenge

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How fast can your community find a missing child?

Find out with a Community Challenge.

What is a Community Challenge?

A community challenge, allows a group of people to utilize the Lassy Project system to find a missing person. You select the missing person, you select where they will go and you escalate the alert to notify people in the area to come search for your “missing person.” This can be a small event with just people on your street or a large event including the whole town, business sponsors, prizes and more. What the community gets to experience is how they pull together to look for a missing person and the peace of mind knowing that if their child ever goes missing they can rely on these people to help find them. What you get, is a fun way to grow the village and get people to join in your area.

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