Great Changes Coming Soon!

We have been getting tons of great feedback from all of our wonderful users. Keep it coming!

Because of you, we’re rolling out some changes over the next several weeks. Here are a few we are pretty excited about.

1 – New Look – Get ready for a whole new look on our site and mobile apps (sneak peak below). The logo is extra special to us because Jessica, the precious little girl that inspired Lassy Project, loved cheer; so we decided to honor her in this special way.

placeit (10)

2 – Build Your Village – By far one of the most popular requests; you will have the ability to create your own “Personal Village” full of hand-selected friends, family, and neighbors. Now if you can’t find your child, but are not ready to alert the entire community you can alert your “Personal Village.”  However if the situation requires more assistance, we can help you easily escalate to the “Super Village.” This “Super Village” is comprised of all the personal villages in the surrounding area.  It’s this grouping of personal villages that creates the most powerful search and rescue team for you instantly.

3 – Child Profile – You will soon have the ability to create profiles for your children and escalate alerts for them if necessary, all right from your smartphone. Even if your child does not have a smart phone or a GPS device, you will still be able to escalate to villagers should your child ever be missing.

This is just the beginning. We are rolling more releases regularly.

We LOVE feedback! Especially things that annoy you. 

Call our CEO John Guydon at 720-253-7585 or drop us a line at

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