Lassy Project: Updates and New Features

The Lassy Project is LIVE in the App Store with some incredible new features

On September 22, 2014, Lassy Project launched the latest version of our free app in the Apple App Store (Android version coming soon!)  This updated version is a direct result of customer and community feedback over the last month.

Whether you’re new to Lassy Project or are an experienced user, read below to see what’s new, what’s changed and what you can do to help us continue expanding to communities across the nation.
Together we are building a community that keeps our children safe!

What’s New

Lassy Villages

A Lassy Village is a trusted group of friends, family members and neighbors, that you hand select.  It is the most important asset you have if your child goes missing.

  1. Expand your Village
    1. One village, your personal contacts, your trusted network.
      Now you have one village and you decide who to invite.  Do this by selecting as many contacts as you wish.  A larger village ensures more people will receive the alert should your child go missing.
  2. Manage your Village
    1. A village is only as strong as your contacts.  Manage who will receive alerts if your child ever goes missing.
  3. Manage Membership in Other Villages
    1. There is no limit to the number of Lassy Villages you can belong to.  You can also join and leave villages as your life changes and grows.


Child Profiles

  1. Add child profiles
    1. You can now create a profile for every child in your care.  This is the profile that will be shared with your village if ever needed.   Simply upload a photo and enter vital information about your child.
  2. Manage child profiles
    1. Change photos, update information and manage the number of child profiles you have in your account with a few simple taps.

child profile
 Escalate your Alert

  1. The newest function, you can now spread the word to your Lassy Village by creating an alert if you believe that your child is missing.
    1. Your most powerful asset is your Lassy Village and sending an alert can engage your trusted network to help find your child.  If you escalate an alert about a missing child, it will only be sent to the people that joined your Lassy Village.
  2. Alerts can also be sent to the larger Lassy Village.  Lassy Project can escalate your alert to additional people in the area should extra reinforcements be needed.

Escalate alert

What’s Next?  Village Growth

The more people that download Lassy Project the safer our communities will be.  Help us by encouraging everyone you know to sign up for Lassy Project.

When it comes to a missing child, every second counts.  The Lassy Project is a FREE app that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds.  Together, we are helping to bring missing children home through the power of our communities.

We LOVE feedback!
Every new update produces some changes and we want to know what you think!  See something that you love or question?  Tell us!

Drop us a line at

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