Making it all work- The technology behind the Lassy Project

Tracking millions of child-safety devices across the country? You’re going to need uncompromising reliability and performance. You’re going to need smart devs, smooth dev environments and scalable servers.


Top-Shelf Developers

In all my years of study at MIT I learned the the importance of knowing “how to think” vs knowing “what to think”. We have teams of sharp engineers that know how to think. We are grateful for them.

Magical Elves at Cloud9 IDE

How I love thee Cloud9, let me count the ways.

Um…since when did serious web-based IDE development leave the “coder’s fantasy” genre?  Since Cloud9 launched player!


The people behind Cloud9 are so amazingly magical that they may in fact be elves. We are able to import, develop, test and deploy Node.js powered apps; all whilst using only a web browser. Whaaaaa?!

As if developing from the browser wasn’t enough, Cloud9 decided to add more elven pixie dust to their offering. They built a web-based command line interface.

Database Wizards at MongoHQ

To store and manage the data that comes with tracking millions of moving devices I would have in the past prepared with a 10-day silent meditation

This would clear my mind before the familiar onslaught of db admin questions that need to be answered:

  • When and how to scale vertically and horizontally?

  • When and how to implement shared data across different server instances?

  • What about monitoring and tuning the db for performance?

What if there were a team of database wizards who spent their every waking moment managing db servers? And what if they made a service that allowed us to take advantage of that instantly?

Enter stage left: 

To put icing on the cake, database instances at MongoHQ can be scaled vertically and horizontally; by people who do this stuff all the time. Nice.

Server Ninjas at Dotcloud


What about our web servers? I can already envision the large teeming waves of concurrent web requests. Fortunately dotcloud hosting includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of server application performance

  • On demand horizontal and vertical scaling: more node instances, more memory. Yeaah buddy!

  • Command line interface deployment tools (plays well with Cloud9)


SMS Experts at Twilio

We have spent almost 7 years in the SMS messaging space. When the need to text large groups came up, we knew what to do.

Twilio handles massive amounts of SMS communication every day and has been doing so for years. Having worked with Twilio on previous projects, we know they’re a great fit for this one.

Venture Backed Services

Smart money tends to congregate. We like that all the services we use are also backed by experienced venture capital organizations.



Got Questions? 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and give your thoughts in the comments below.

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