Colorado Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Unanimously Endorses the Lassy Project

Westminster, CO March 6th, 2013— The Colorado FOP announced today that they will officially endorse the Lassy Project and see it as a crucial piece to prevent child abductions.

The Lassy Project is a new program which aims to prevent child abductions by quickly alerting parents of trouble and giving them the ability to alert hundreds of people in seconds to help.

While there are currently many GPS tracking programs on the market, the Lassy Project
brings something new to the table. The current GPS programs allow parents to ping a devicefor its location (which requires watching a screen for it to be effective), or offers breadcrumb reporting (pinging location every 5 minutes or longer). The Lassy Project will actually track the route that the child is travelling and the alerts are based on the child straying from that route more than an acceptable distance.

The Lassy Village is another key feature to the program. The Lassy Project gives parents access to the most powerful search team on the planet with one button and within seconds. It will be based on people that decide to become a part of the Village that will make the Lassy Project a powerful deterrent for kidnappers. The endorsement will pave the way for integration with police departments and School Resource Officers.

The Colorado FOP is very excited to endorse this new technology and continue to work towards preventing child abductions.

For more information on the Lassy Project, visit

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