About that battery life…

We heard you loud and clear:

“When I explicitly plan to have my child go off course, I should have the ability to temporarily pause tracking to conserve battery”

 Makes sense. So you can now pause the tracking of your child’s phone whenever you are with them and have no need for us to keep an eye out. Not to worry, if you forget to hit the switch to resume tracking the system will automatically  turn on and resume tracking after 24 hours of pausing.

How does it work?

We developed this update to be simple, safe, and secure. We want to ensure that a parent is always involved with the process, preventing children from turning it on and off by themselves. The following steps explain how to turn off tracking:

To turn off (pause) tracking

  1. Make sure the child’s phone is located inside of a safe zone.
  2. Open the Lassy Project app on the child’s phone and click the “Off – On” toggle switch.
  3. A confirmation screen will pop-up confirming that a security code was sent to the parent’s phone via text message, click “OK” .
  4. A form will appear where parents must enter the password they use to access their Lassy Project account and the security code they just received. Click “Submit.”
  5. Once the parent’s phone receives a text message saying the child “is no longer being tracked”, the process is complete.


To turn on the tracking

  1. Make sure the child’s phone is located inside of a safe zone.
  2. Open the Lassy Project app on the child’s phone, and click the “Off – On” toggle switch. This turns the tracking back on.
  3. Once the parent’s phone receives a text message saying the child “is being tracked”, the process is complete.

NOTE: This update is currently available on android. The iPhone update is on the way!

Still have questions?

Simply email the Lassy Project team at team@thelassyproject.com

Lassy Community Challenge in Hailey, ID

The Lassy Project Presents


The Community Challenge events are designed to test how quickly your city can find a missing child. It is similar to a scavenger hunt where community members will be alerted of “the missing” via the FREE Lassy Project app and can compete against each other in a race for valuable prizes. This is a free event and the only action a person must take to participate is to download and register our FREE app here. Or, go to http://www.TheLassyProject.com and click ‘Join The Village.’


Hailey, ID is conducting a Community Challenge event, so spread the word!


Download & register the Lassy Project app now to register for the Hailey, ID Community Challenge.

Make the change in your community that will change the world.

Westminster Police Department Embraces The Lassy Project


The city of Westminster, Colorado partners with the Lassy Project™ to keep kids safe.

The Lassy Project™ and the city of Westminster are making Westminster safer for our kids and equipping residents with the tools they need to prevent child abductions.

Westminster, CO – The Lassy Project™, a free smartphone app that helps prevent child abductions, and the city of Westminster Police Department are partnering to give parents the peace of mind that their children can travel safely throughout the community.

Lassy 2

After the abduction and murder of Jessica Ridgeway, 3 friends came together and developed The Lassy Project™ which is relentlessly focused on preventing child abductions. Using a patented combination of GPS, SMS, and crowd-sourcing technology, this program keeps kids safe by immediately alerting parents via text message if their child deviates from their usual routes to places like school or a friend’s house, then, if the child is missing, providing them the ability to press a button and mobilize hundreds of neighbors and community members in seconds to help. This group of community members is called the ‘Lassy Village™’. Westminster Police Officers are now in the village and encouraging the rest of the community to join them.

During the week of June 16, 2014, The Lassy Project™ team spoke with and trained the Westminster Police Department employees and officers on how to best utilize the app and ensure that the app is registered on each of their phones. In this collaborative project, the Westminster Police Department is helping to enroll as many members of the Westminster community as possible into the Village – including parents, community members, first responders, and local businesses… The goal is to grow the Lassy Village™ of Westminster as large as possible. To join the village, simply go http://www.thelassyproject.com and select the “join the village” button.

Lassy 3

“Getting a message out in seconds to hundreds of individuals right near the area could make the difference between finding the child and not finding the child,” said John Guydon, Co-Founder of The Lassy Project™. “We are honored to be supported by the Westminster Police Department and look forward to working with them to grow the Lassy Village in their community. The bigger the Village, the safer the kids. We are grateful that Westminster embrace this vision for their community.”

About The Lassy Project™
The Lassy Project™  is a free smartphone app that allows parents to create different routes that their kids commonly take such as walking to school. If the child strays from the designated path then an alert is immediately sent to the parents phone via text message. The parent can then choose to call the child and investigate. If the child is safe, the parent can dismiss the alert. But if there is a problem and the child goes missing, the parent can push a single button to activate the most powerful search and rescue team on the planet – The Lassy Village™. This is a group of local community members and other parents who will receive an alert to begin search efforts within seconds near the child’s last known location. To help make The Lassy Project™ successful, join the Lassy Village™ to ensure that you are alerted when a child goes missing in your area. For more information, visit The Lassy Project website here.

About The Westminster Police Department
The police department is organized into three divisions; administration, special services and patrol services. The police department is lead by Police Chief Lee Birk and is comprised of 183 sworn officers and 79.6 non-sworn employees. For more information, visit their website here.

About Jessica Ridgeway
Jessica was kidnapped on her way to school on October 5, 2012. Her body was found five days later in a field in Arvada. Authorities say Jessica’s killer, then 17, confessed to the kidnapping and slaying. He was arrested October 23. Westminster Police Department was the reporting agency for this case, devoting hundreds of man-hours to seek justice for Jessica. For more information, visit the Jessica Ridgeway Legacy website here.

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